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So, things have slowed down a little. They'll pick back up soon enough, I'm sure. I still like it here, and I'm still happy with my decision. I kind of had a moment a few days ago. I think my problem has been that I'm always looking for perfect. I don't think you can ever find perfect. Nothing is perfect, and that's ok. Although I do believe people have their own versions of "perfect", and that's ok too. In the end, I should just be looking for happy, which I believe I've found. I'm happy here. I've got a job. Even though it's only part time, it IS a job. I've got family here and friends. Things are good. I think they'll only get better, too.

I sincerely miss Grace and Tommy. I Skyped with them the other night, and it made me miss them even more. I'm ready to see them. I'm ready for them to get married. And I'm ready to not work every weekend so I can go see them. They are my best friends. It's nice having a…