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Long time, no blog

Hi, guys. While I'm sure there were only about 5 people who missed me (most of which are family) I still feel the need to apologize for my absence. No one really understands why I've been gone (including me). However, I've come to the conclusion that I was in some sort of a "funk" and just didn't want to. I've been feeling very apathetic lately, but I've also still felt somewhat happy. I think work has a little bit to do with it. Not necessarily my actual job, but my hours and weekends. I'm just always working when my friends aren't (and that includes weekends) so I don't have much of a life outside of work. And maybe some of it is my fault. Maybe I should wake up in the mornings and do stuff, or do more things on my days off. I just never want to. I want to spend that time giving my mind a rest, because lately it has felt like it is running non-stop. But it finally got to take a break. I'm just going to highlight some things. No offic…