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Busy, busy week

This has been a very challenging week for me. Flag Football hasn't even had it's first game, and I'm already just trying to keep my head above water. But the good news is that whenever something happens that needs to be fixed, it gets fixed. One of the worse things that happened was a child's registration was completely skipped. To this day, I have no clue how he got skipped. On top of that, he had to be added to a league that was already maxed out. It was a disaster. However, a very kind coach offered to take him. And now he has an odd number of players. And before you think about how that's not a big deal, you have to understand the substitution process. Each child gets to play an equal amount of time. Before this new child, he had 12 on his team and we play 6 vs. 6. So, his substitutions were easy. 6 the first quarter. The second 6 the second quarter and so on. With 13 on a team, that just puts a kink in everything.

So, it got worked out, just like everything el…

Top 5 Tuesday (20)

It's still Tuesday. I've got about 32 minutes to write this. So, here we go.

1. I got my new mattress. It is just like the one I got for my guest room. I got one for my guest room because well, there was no bed in there. I was also in denial about how much I needed one for myself. So, I finally decided it was time. It is heaven. If I was in it right now, I would have already fallen asleep in mid-type.

2. Brooke and Phillip's wedding was this past weekend. It was beautiful, and I can wear my bridesmaids again. Also, I met some fun people, and got to hang out with some people I hadn't seen in years. All in all, good weekend celebrating the union of my good friends.

3. Things are starting to get really busy at work. I'm excited and exhausted thinking about it. Flag Football is about to start, Men's basketball league starts Monday (which requires me to stay at work until 10 every Monday), BAM and physical fitness starts next week. It's mixed feelings now, but a…

Top 5 Tuesdays (19)

Hey everybody! It's Tuesday! Woo hoo!

1. Last week was nuts. I had gotten a little spoiled this summer because all we had were camps. Soccer was at the beginning of the summer so I didn't even remember it. And basketball was inside where it was cool. But last week sucked the life out of the best way possible. It was hot and the kids were crazy, but I love what I do. So, crazy but good week last week.

2. This past Saturday was my cousin's baby shower. My cousin, Julie is expecting her first child in September. Little George. I know he's gonna be adorable.

3. My boss is in Kentucky (his home state) this week getting certified to teach body recall. So, I'm having to come in at 8 every morning. Kill me now. But the good I'm taking away from this is that I get off at 5. It's really crazy to me that places are still open when I get off work now. But I sincerely can't wait for his return. Working 2:00PM to 9:00PM is more my style.

4. Random fact of the…

Top 5 Tuesday (18)

I'm going to be lame tonight. We started flag football camp today and I didn't get home from work until after 10. I'm exhausted. The only reason I'm still awake is because I had to wash my camp shirt. I've got a lunch meeting tomorrow then I have to go into work early to get things ready for tomorrow. So, instead of skipping out on the update altogether, here I am letting you know I'm going to be lame. You're welcome :)

1. My mother got her report back last week. While everything came back pretty good, there was a little spot. They called it a nodule. They don't think it's cancerous, so she's got another check up in 3 months. While it's still not 100%, it's not terrible. So, we sure are hoping for best. Prayers are always appreciated.

2. While I am completely and totally exhausted, and my body hurts, I walked out of The Lighthouse tonight sometime after 10 with a smile on my face. I love my job and the people I work with and around. And …