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Leap of Faith

Shortly after my mother died, I wanted to make a change. In the beginning, I was trying to run away from all of the pain and sorrow, hoping that a change of scenery would fix everything. When I came back to reality I knew that wasn't the answer. However, a change of scenery was still heavy on my heart.

In October of last year I visited Nashville with my best friend and fell in love. The city was beautiful and just a breath of fresh air. By then it had been about 6 months since my mom passed. Since the feeling to "shake things up" was still there, I decided it was time to make plans to move forward. Now, my plans were a little different. I wanted to take some time off. I didn't want to find a job immediately, which I know is different from the norm. But I had the ability to, and with everything that had happened, I felt like I deserved it. 
So, the ball started rolling. I made arrangements at work. It was all a little bitter/sweet. I was leaving my first very first bi…