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Late Night Rambling

When I was told in January that my mom had 6 months to a year left, I really put a lot of hope into that timeframe. I didn't set my sites on January 2016, I set it on the minimum...6 months. Which would have been this month. As most of you know, things did not go as planned and she's been gone for over 3 months.

In all my life I only remember her being sick once, and that was when she found out after 40+ years that she was allergic to shrimp. I remember how sad she was (and continued to be) when she couldn't eat shrimp. It was one of her favorites. She finally got to a place where she would pick the 2 (sometimes 3) biggest shrimp from the group and eat those and be fine. But any more was really playing with fire.

I had 28 years of her being my mom. I got really lucky in that somewhere along the way, my mom became my best friend. And if I'm being honest it was probably somewhere in the middle of my college years. Right around the time of her diagnosis. It really wasn…