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Been a while...

So sorry I've gotten away from this a little. When things get moving, I kind of forget. They've slowed down somewhat, but they will pick back up soon enough. Upward flag football is still happening. As soon as that's over, Upward basketball will start. Good times.

I think this is where I'm supposed to be. So many things are happening that are keeping me here. Or at least making me want to stay here. I do like my job. And maybe once it turns into a full time job (if it ever does), I will like it even more.

Mary Brooke and I have been hanging out a good bit, which has been great. I have missed her. We went to the Sugarland concert September 30th. One word: Awesome! I love Sugarland and could seriously watch them every weekend and never get tired of them. Then we went to see Tyrone Wells at Workplay. One more word: Awesome!! I've always liked Tyrone Wells, and I have a lot of his music, but his performance at Workplay is something I'll never forget.

As for every…