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365 Days

 One year ago today, I made this post... One year later, my motivation has paid off. There are still some days that are hard (2020, amiright?), but I have done a 180. Almost two weeks ago, I posted I was doing big things. It's actually one big thing that I know will lead to bigger things. Ever since I left VHUMC, I have struggled to find my purpose. Sometimes people aren't presented their purpose immediately or with certainty. They have to discover a significant amount more about themselves to find it. No matter how or when you realize it, all that matters is that you do.  3,784 days ago, I graduated from college with a BS in Sport and Fitness Management. 32 days ago, I started my first graduate class. I am pursuing my Masters in Education with a concentration in Physical Education. In my second year of college thousands of days ago, I can recall walking across the quad at Troy University, talking to my mom on the phone. I was trying to declare my major. She thought I'd be

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