#BestNine has been trending on social media the past week few weeks. I did one but decided that I needed a blog post dedicated to it.

Not sure if you noticed a recurring theme (spoiler alert: it's my mom). 2016 was my first full calendar year without her (January 1st - December 31st). In 2015 I had her for almost 3 months. I spent the remaining 9 months wandering. Wandering in sorrow, depression, hopelessness, among other things. I remember how I felt January 1st of 2016. I vividly remember taking a deep breath and taking my first step toward a full calendar year without her. 

2016 brought about a lot of changes. Most notably my move to Nashville. A move that I still stand firmly by today. This city has given me a lot of insight into who I am. It has also given me insight into the world. I've met some interesting people. I've watched and learned from these people. I've learned from my own experiences, too. I strongly believe that when I look back on this move 50 years from now, I'll be grateful I did it. 

My mom was at the center of my 2016 #BestNine. She'll always be at my center. She will always be what grounds me. While I spent 2016 discovering who I am, I will spend 2017 making decisions. That sounds like an "all work, no play" kind of plan, but it's not. Not in the least. I've been able to float a bit this past year. I consider floating to be like rolling with the punches. Something I will continue to do, but the decision making will come into play. I need to decide what I'm going to do. What do I want? How can I actually help others? Where can my gifts be used to benefit others? The community? The world? All big decisions that will not be decided in a week, but WILL be decided in 2017. Also, at my center, I need more Jesus. I have not been actively ignoring Him. I still believe I have a relationship with Him. However, I have not been feeding it. I have not been nourishing it. That needs to be a priority. 

2016 felt like a recovery year. A lot of things happened in years past, and I needed to mend. I needed to move forward in a way that I could heal. I'm not 100%. Or maybe I'm just a different 100%. I have good days and bad days (like everyone does), but life does look a lot different. In a good (sometimes challenging) way. 2017 is going to be a decision year. It's going to be challenging, but I'm going to make it fun.

You know, some people will say they had a bad year. And maybe they did. Who I am I to judge YOUR year? As for me, I like to think that if out of 365 days I had 100 bad days that just means I had 265 good days. Hell, even if I had 182 bad days I still would get 183 good days, and that counts for something. 

So moving on to 2017. A little more Jesus, a lot less me, and some decisions. 

*Shoutout to Adele for making my #BestNine. Your concert was magical! 


  1. Love this, Sara! After my daddy died from colon cancer, i cried every day for one solid year...every day! The sun does shine bright again and the grief lessens, but it never entirely goes away. The good news is that we have the love and hope of Christ, and we will see our loved ones again in glory.

    We love you and are so happy youre happy!


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